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April 26, 2009




The Gentle Pagan


It is far better to lead yourself through life than to be led. If a rest is needed then it should be taken and the time required to heal be done with out guilt. But to live fully is not to fill the spaces of your life with emptiness, nor is it to surrender to the anyone who falsely believes that they have the answers that we ourselves do not hold dearly in our heart. I myself have walked many paths, some I never imagined I would know, and have taken pain and despair so deep with in my spirit that at times I truly thought I would not recover, yet I have. Life has taught my many things, but one of the most important is that, no matter how low we are brought, it is that we raise our head once more that shows our true measure and our true worth. Although this site is called The Gentle Pagan, I do not look to be passive nor to offer words of forgiveness. Nor am I trying to foster a path that leads to force. I am merely looking for a way for myself to walk this life with as little negative energy and destruction as possible. There is already too much experience in life that is looking to bring us down and so often because of that, we fail to see the beauty and the good that truly exists all around us. As for Life itself, I have heard so many people complain that they hate their life, recently I have started to realize that it is not life we should hate. Life has given us what we know, share and love, it is our essence and the reason we are here now. If anything is to be hated, the let it be our experiences in this life. They are far easier to change and offer so many more options in the process. With life, if we hate it there are only two options, to live through the hatred which colours the world an ugly shade of gray, or to end it, which is to give up on every possibility that may ever of come your way. Those to me are not true choices and they offer no real solutions to the problems we face. So if nothing else, please take this from the site, do not hate your life, hate the experiences if you must then work on changing them instead. Greed, power, the desire to control another are the basis for the corruption and degradation of our culture and our society.



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