Take a Bite Out of Crime!

Forsaking the more traditional means of self defense. Many women who are “at risk” of being raped, can’t spare the time or sweat and aggravations that can pop up while training in self defense classes, taking instructions and getting licensed to carry a firearm. They won’t even use more humane deterrents such as Mace or personal alarms – they’ve taken to using “Rapex” anti-rape, female condoms.

The anti-rape condom is designed to stop the rapist by hooking onto his penis which subsequently hurts him badly and disables him. The anti-rape condom is made from latex in the form of a sheath. It is held firmly by shafts of sharp, inward-facing microscopic barbs. It is to be worn by a woman in her vagina like a tampon. If an attacker attempts to rape an “equipped” lady, the penis then penetrates the latex and is hooked by the barbs, causing severe pain while giving the victim time to escape. The condom would slide off and remain attached to the attacker’s penis and can only be removed through surgery, which would of course, alert hospital staff and the police. The Rapex anti-rape condom would also act as a regular condom, reducing chances of impregnation or STD infections. (a bonus!) This device made it’s debut in South Africa in 2005.

Both male and female critics alike have objected to the invention as “medieval” and “vengeful, horrible, and disgusting” and are planning on stopping it’s sale in drugstores. Since it’s impossible to detect (except the hard way), there’s no visible deterrent in the eyes of an attacker Although this makes it even more surreptitious and simple to trick attackers – this only seem to fuel criticism that the device is vindictive. Concern for the well-being of a violent rapist has sparked an outcry of even harsher responses from proponents of the condom. The device has caused concern that it could be worn for consensual sex as part of an malicious act of revenge or cruelty. While, still others fear that use of the Rapex would only anger the attacker and further jeopardize the victim. I rather doubt that unless there are more than one attacker.

I have tried to follow the track record of Rapex sales but can only find information regarding the squabbles regarding it’s inhumane “human bear-trap” types and those who support it. Oddly enough, for all of the steps we take to keep our women safe from rape, the Rapex female “anti-rape condom” is taking a lot more shots for stopping it’s use than support. Odd indeed…I thought?  How about you?