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Honouring the Sacred & Divine Feminine

June 6, 2009

Honouring the Sacred & Divine Feminine

White TaraFor 2,000 years the Goddess has been hidden. Those of you who honour Her in all Her Magnificance have been persecuted and vilified, murdered and destroyed. Evidence of Her in writing and art has been misrepresented, altered, destroyed in fear.

And yet I tell you She has always been here with you. She is here now, at your feet. She is here now in your very breath and light and life. She has been calling you from the wind. She has been watching over your from inside each raindrop. She has been the sweet nectar in every mouthful of your food.

Hear this! There are NO religions just for Gods and Men! All have Goddesses! All have the Divine Feminine within their roots and honour. It is not possible here to tell you fully the importance and historical consequences of the missing of your Mother. The essence of the Divine Feminine is the spiritual “Juice” necessary to save planet earth from ecological destruction, from war to peace, from pain and misery to open-heartedness. We need to love Her now more than ever and to help restore Heaven on Earth.

There hasn’t been a Goddess temple in a European city since 3AD when Martin Martinuous Pulcher, a Roman Senator, had a Temple of Isis built in Southwark, London, SE1.

Prejudice, fear for one’s life and reputation and political persuasion tried to destroy the Goddess and her veneration for 2,000 years. Aristotle said the feminine consciousness of women was dead and women have struggled to catch up ever since. Although recognised as “neo-paganism” by the United Nations, many mainstream religions and workplaces still refuse to accept the spiritual nature of the Goddess as a bona-fide modern religion. The Goddess is venerated in so many forms with so many names, true religious diversity is shown in the honour of Her.

Evidence, and public opinion is shifting.

50 million people worldwide reading the Da Vinci Code are told about Mary Magdalene being an essence of the Divine Feminine. This is the True Power of the Message from Mary the Magdalene.

Interest and understanding in the Goddess in all Her forms are building and increasing exponentially.

Now in London, for the first time in two thousand years an incredible group of women and men have joined together to create the first new Goddess Temple of the 21st Century. Join Us. Help Us. Bless Us. Be with Us. Blessed Be to all who Honour Her.

We need a London Goddess Temple:

  • to anchor the Goddess energy illuminated on earth at this time and to create a sacred space to Honour Her in all her forms
  • to challenge prejudice and myths about the Goddess and showcase the Goddess throughout the ages and in all faiths
  • to increase the presence of a woman-based spirituality movement in the UK
  • to offer spaces that can be rented so other women can teach, inspire, heal and market
  • to feed the hungry with Her holy food
  • to work explicitly with London women and men to offer spiritual workshops and Priestess of the Goddess training
  • to create social business with ecological and social respect at the core of the service

Every Woman is a Goddess – to promote the idea that every woman be invited to visit the Temple at least once in her life to be inspired by the Goddess and feel Her presence. Pay homage to Her – Honour the Goddess:

Goddess of the Earth
Goddess of Compassion
The Great Mother – The Female Buddha
Tara, The Great Noble One,
The Celtic Goddess – The Divine Feminine
Shakti Worship, Sophia’s Wisdom,
Mary the Magdalene,
Worship and Honour
Her many Forms

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