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June 24, 2009

Gay Teen Exorcisms
Sparks Controversy

Published : Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009, 4:56 PM CDT

HARTFORD, Conn. – A Connecticut church is amid controversy for posting Internet videos depicting gay exorcisms on teenagers.

One such video shows a teen writhing on the ground as adults around him implore “homosexual demons” to get out of his body.

The ritual lasts for 20 minutes with the boy flailing and vomiting.

Manifested Glory Ministries , which operates in an industrial part of Hartford and lists no specific denomination, said the exorcisms are just one part of the church.

However, a woman who runs a mentoring program for gay teens said she is “horrified” by the exorcisms.

“What really freaked me out was that those people that did that to that child weren’t doing it because they were trying to hurt him. They thought they were trying to help him, and I think what they did was murder his soul,” Robin McMchaelen said.

McMchaelen said she knows of five other teens in the state who have been subjected to the rituals.

The church has recently disabled its YouTube account but the videos can be found elsewhere online.

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