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What Atheism Is…..and Is Not

July 26, 2009


What Atheism Is…..and Is Not

by Mark

2009 July 25

Atheism is not a cause, ideology, religion or belief system, nor do atheists share the same world view. Is theism a religion? I think not! We are simply non-theistic humans, nothing more.

Atheism is for people that do not mind being responsible for their own actions and will not blame some evil, supernatural force for their errors, shortcomings and mishaps.

Atheism is not for people that cling to teachings supposedly inspired by mythological beings. Indoctrination and scare tactics in order to conform is the job for some of your religions, especially apparent in Christianity and Islam.

Atheism is for people of free thought. Even though most atheists may share the same ideas about deities, even more will disagree regarding political stances and partisanship. Our minds are not bogged down with or oppressed by religious rules, customs and mores.

Atheism is not a form of liberalism, nor are we all Democrats as many conservative Christians may imply. We are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party, Libertarians, Socialists and other partisan party affiliates.
Atheism is not the reason why the World Trade Center fell on September 11. 2001.

Atheism is not a personal pacifier for the needy-minded. Atheism cannot comfort the afflicted, but it can lead one to rationalize and discover why they are afflicted. Only then, can one take corrective measures to prevent further suffering.

Atheism is commonly associated with evolution and “The Big Bang Theory”. Atheism is not a science, so therefore one cannot expect any randomly-picked atheist to sufficiently explain scientific theories or the origin of the universe. Should I refer to a Jew for legal advice based on cultural stereotypes?

Atheism is simply nothing more than the absence of belief in gods. No faith or belief is required to be an atheist.


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