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No Billionaire Left Behind

August 17, 2009

No Billionaire Left Behind I hate the lies of the Bush Administration. The President said that no child should be left behind. He created the No Child Left Behind Act, but failed to fund it.

Meanwhile, Bush and his cronies are doing just fine, thank you! With no-bid contracts for Halliburton in Iraq and the Gulf Coast, it would seem undeniable that Vice President Dick Cheney is benefiting from this arrangement, regardless of what he claims. But if Cheney’s profiteering is at all in doubt, the same cannot be said of the Bush family and friends. The fact that the president tried to sneak the Dubai ports deal past the American public shows that his main motive is profit.

Dubai invested billions of Bush Senior’s Carlyle Group, then W.’s boys okayed the ports deal. Sweet. Bush Senior garnered money for his Presidential library from Dubai, while his son Neil Bush (director of the failed Silverado Savings & Loan, which collapsed in a scandal costing taxpayers $1 billion) got $23 million from the United Arab Emirates for his company that has-how’s this for irony?-lucrative No Child Left Behind contracts in Texas and Florida.

Another Bush crony who has benefited is John Snow. After selling a portion of his struggling company, CSX, to Dubai (at a nice profit), Snow was appointed Secretary of Treasury at later rubber-stamped-guess what?-the controversial Dubai ports deal. And let’s not forget Beltway lawer James Baker, whose firm most likely made a killing brokering the deal.

All this is business as usual for the Bush clan. Meanwhile, the nation suffers. There’s no funding for health care, for infrastructure, for combat troops. body armor or for our children. All Bush cares about is what he can do to help himself and his cohorts. The hell with the rest of us.

Larry Flynt
HUSTLER Magazine

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