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22 Misspelled Political Signs

September 16, 2009
{ September 13, 2009 }
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22 Misspelled Political Signs
Posted by Miss Cellania

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You guys know as well as anyone that my spelling is not perfect. However, when I have something spelled wrong, there’s always someone smarter around to call me on it pretty quickly. Then I correct it as soon as possible. Not everyone is as diligent, or else they are surrounded by people who don’t spell any better than they do. Or maybe they just don’t care enough to correct the mistake. I’ve been collecting these misspelled political signs from all over the web for quite some time now, but with the 9/12 march on Washington yesterday, my files are overflowing. I can’t vouch that every one is genuine, but at least the majority of them are real.


I love it, but I can’t spell it!


I had my doubts about this one, since the same word is misspelled twice, but it checks out.


When you have to explain what a word means, it could be because you garbled it.


Spelled that way, it looks like a foreign word, doesn’t it?


The classic. This guy will never fade away.


OK, as long as it’s offical.


And we don’t speak it too good, either!


It’s a difficult word. No way you could look it up.


Take two.


Take three. Still not gonna look it up! I’m fairly certain this one is a Photoshop job.


Give me a minute. I’ll figure it out.


This is English?


Yes, THAT’S what it’s all about!


I’m running out of mangled English jokes.


It’s a special day for our third-party citizens.


Considering how much we butcher our first language, it’s no wonder most of us can’t begin to tackle a second language.


Lest you think I am picking on right-wing protesters, I am including the left wing spelling abominations. Yes, this post has every misspelled political sign I have.


I hate to disagree with your equality theme, but some marriages are spelled better than others. Even if they are performed in a churh.


No pubic option? That doesn’t sound like any fun at all!


Fox News: Where you can get infromed.


You know, you can get arrested for vandaling.


I am pretty sure this was done on purpose, but of course I couldn’t leave it out!

Remember, you don’t have to be educated, or literate, or competent in order to vote in this democracy. But if you want to vote well, it helps to be infromed.

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